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Calls are usually made for the Begonia Trust Studentship triannually. Calls are announced normally in December preceding the start of the academic year for which funding is available and applications are accepted until the end of February or March (refer to the call details). Awards are announced early in May. The Trust will not provide feedback or other information relating to the assessment process or its outcomes.

Awards for this postgraduate research studentship are made at the standard RCUK rate for UK and European Union students. Students from outside the UK/EU who require overseas fees cannot be considered. Funding includes tuition fees and stipend only for three years. No additional allowance will be made as part of the award for consumables or other costs (e.g. travel and related accommodation, books and other incidentals).

Postgraduate research students funded by the Begonia Trust must hold an upper second class degree or equivalent on taking up the Studentship. They are expected to register full-time with the University of Glasgow, to fulfill the entry and progression requirements of the University and College or Faculty into which they enter, and to complete and submit their Ph.D. thesis in line with University guidelines.

Applications are normally accepted from students seeking funding for a specific research project with supporting letter(s) from their prospective supervisor(s). However, the Trust will also consider speculative applications from supervisors who have a suitable project and are seeking a candidate when no postgraduate applicants have been identified.

Applicants are expected to submit the following materials addressed to 'The Secretary, M.L. MacIntyre Begonia Trust' in pdf format via email:

>A covering letter with the name of the student candidate, his/her address and qualifications relevant to the application. Where a student candidate has not been identified, letters from prospective supervisor(s) should indicate the range of skills and background to be sought. The letter should also indicate the Institution/Department where the research will be carried out and the name, address and contact details (phone and email) of the prospective supervisor(s).

>A complete Curriculum Vitae for the student applying.

>A supporting letter on official letterhead from the prospective supervisor(s) and a short Curriculum Vitae for the prospective supervisor (maximum 3 pages or, if more than one supervisor, 3 pages per supervisor).

>A statement of support from the Head of Department or Institution where the project will be carried out to include a statement of understanding that the Trust will not be held responsible for the safety and insurance of any personnel engaged in research or other activities, equipment or facilities associated with the research project.

>A summary and description of the project to include: the project title; an abstract of the project (no more than 250 words) written for a lay readership; a detailed description of the project (no more than 6 pages with references and any figures or illustrations) to include the relevant background and rationale to the work, its likely contributions to knowledge of Begonias and its broader scientific relevance, the methods to be used and timescales expected, the potential problems faced in the work and how these might be overcome, and any other relevant information.

The Trustees welcome applications for a Begonia Trust Studentship to begin in September 2016 or shortly thereafter. Applications should normally name the student and include his/her Curriculum Vitae, but the Trustees will consider speculative applications from potential supervisors. In the latter case, if awarded, the supervisor will normally be given a limited time only in which to fill the Studentship and any potential candidate will need to be approved by the Trustees.

The closing date for Studentship applications under this call is 25th March 2016.